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NIC .com registration

In order to have your own domain name (e.g., it must be registered with certain online companies. JR Designs does not charge anything to set up your .com, .net, or .org domain name, but the domain name registration companies (such as Network Solutions or require a $70 registration fee which covers 2 years of registration.

Web Page Work

The staff at JR designs is fluent in the creation of web pages using the latest scripting tools. Our goal is to create a web page beyond the expectation of every customer that is competitive in the mainstream of business pages that flood the net today. We can do this at a relatively low cost for initial design work. (Prices will vary depending on the elements in the requested web page.) You won't find many places that can offer that kind of commitment and promise a low price. We don't believe in overcharging. We also provide maintanence work for your web page based upon an hourly fee.

Computer Graphics Creation

We have much experience in the field of vector and raster image-editing applications. We will create all graphics associated with your site. If your company has a logo you would like placed on your site, we can also accommodate that.

Page Layout

We are experienced in many different styles of design. Whether your needs fit tables, frames, or CSS, we can make an attractive layout for your business.

User Input Forms

It is an important part of any business for the consumer to be able to communicate with the service provider. What better way to accomplish this than over the Internet on your company's web page? We can create a form customized for your customer to communicate with you. For an example of feedback forms, visit our page, Feedback.

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